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SCA Podcast Series

Sharing time with our members, supporters and friends in conversations on how Sister City relationships are managed, made special and sustaining. We also find out what innovations and ideas are used to keep relationships alive and thriving.

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Series Two – May 2023

Podcast 4Global Cities New Zealand – listen as we chat with the current President of GCNZ, Mayor Grant Smith, from Palmerston North, as he discusses all things sister cities in New Zealand.

Podcast 5CLAIR – Japan Local Government Centre – join us to hear from the Executive Director, Mr Manya Hiraki as he outlines the role of CLAIR in assisting local governments in maintaining or establishing sister city relationships with partners in Japan.

Podcast 6South Korea Local & State Government Office – there are many connections between Australian local governments and their counterparts in South Korea. Hear from Young Cha, Director/Executive Specialist, as she provides commentary on her role in supporting sister city relationships.

Series One – February 2023

Podcast 1Cairns Regional Council – hear from their Sister Cities Ambassador about their possibly unique role in assisting the Council with their Sister Cities Program. For more information about the Cairns program you can contact Sim Hayward at

Podcast 2City of Frankston – an interesting discussion on how to truly maintain a relationship while faced with issues like COVID lockdowns and travel bans.

Podcast 3City of Blacktown – not only an immensely diverse program, but there is huge community involvement and a strong focus on youth engagement.

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