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* * * New Year's Greetings 2023 * * *

The SCA Executive wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year and may 2023 bring new, exciting times in your sister city relationships.

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    Welcome to Sister Cities

    Sister Cities Australia Inc. (SCA) is an association of cities, towns, shires, ports and even states that have a Sister City relationship. It keeps a register of all Australian affiliations of which it is aware, and welcomes additions to the listing.

    The objective of SCA is to provide an umbrella of support and to promote these affiliations. SCA also aims to provide a forum for cultural, economic and educational interchange between communities and to encourage friendship, co-operation and understanding to improve peaceful co-existence worldwide.

    All Australian Affiliations in One Location

    The Affiliations Directory has been created by Sister Cities Australia based on information provided to it by member Councils, from partner organisations, by researching the Internet and other salient sources.

    The Directory also lists the Sister City and Friendship City Affiliations that are currently identified as being in existence in Australia with overseas cities and also with other Australian cities Finally, there are separate lists of Sister Port and Sister State affiliations that have also been established.

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    The Sister Cities Annual Forum
    Due to COVID-19 restrictions all SCA Forums and Conferences have temporarily been postponed.
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    Sister Cities Milestones This Year
    SCA would like to acknowledge and congratulate all of the cities celebrating milestones this year.
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    National Awards
    The SCA National Awards have closed for 2022!

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